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Disposable Bed Pads

Have you or someone you loved been diagnosed with incontinence? This can come as a shock to anyone, making you feel overwhelmed, sad, ashamed, and homebound. But you don’t have to feel restricted or embarrassed. Products such as incontinence bed pads can let you live worry-free and in comfort. These pads are designed to offer moisture protection so you or your family member can sleep soundly without having to stress about a leak.

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Super Absorbent

Disposable bed pads are designed with a quick-wicking layer which makes them super absorbent. This wicking layer boosts its capacity to absorb well over one quart of fluid. They can provide the confidence, comfort, and protection you or a loved one needs to get a good night’s rest without having to worry about causing damage to the mattress from a bladder leak. They’re also very lightweight without feeling too bulky, so they can easily fit under the bedsheet. Bed pads can give the support that’s needed to peacefully rest without any stress involved.

Convenient, Disposable, & Breathable

Incontinence bed pads are made for everyday use. They’re versatile, convenient, and disposable. Aside from protecting the mattress, these pads are suitable whenever you need to add leak protection on wheelchairs and furniture. You can even use them in the car during long and extended road trips. Since they are designed to be extra strong with adhesive tapes to secure them in place, they won’t tear or break when a person moves around to shuffle their weight. These are also slip-resistant and breathable, allowing proper air circulation in order to maintain a more comfortable surface so they won’t irritate the skin.

Suitable for all Ages

Whether young or old, bed pads can benefit anyone who needs moisture protection on their bed or furniture. Likewise, those who experience minor leaks can also feel discouraged and concerned about bladder issues. Placing a bed pad underneath can add an extra layer of support to ease any of those concerns.

If you or a loved one needs moisture protection at home or on the go, our disposable bed pads are ideal for just about any situation that requires additional support. You can even cut them to adjust the size so they can fit on a variety of surfaces.

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