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Swim Diapers & Briefs

At Duraline Medical Products, we understand that individuals with incontinence deserve the opportunity to enjoy swimming and water activities with confidence. That's why we offer a wide range of incontinence solutions specifically designed for swimming. Our swimwear products are designed to provide discreet and reliable protection, allowing you to swim without worry. Read more

Swim with Peace of Mind

With our incontinence swimwear, you can enjoy the water and engage in swimming activities with peace of mind. Our swim diapers and swim briefs are specifically designed to keep you feeling secure and comfortable. Leave behind the apprehension and stress associated with swimming activities and enjoy a renewed sense of freedom in the water.

Disposable and Washable Incontinence Options

We understand that everyone has unique preferences and needs when it comes to managing incontinence. That's why we offer both disposable and washable incontinence options for swimming. Our disposable swim diapers are convenient and hassle-free, perfect for occasional use. On the other hand, our washable swim briefs are reusable, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for frequent swimmers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you change a swim diaper?

It is recommended to check your swim diaper every hour or so and change it as soon as it becomes soiled. Regular checks and prompt changes ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness.

How does incontinence swimwear work?

Incontinence swimwear is specifically crafted with a focus on containing solids, providing reliable protection while swimming. However, it's important to note that they are not completely sealed and may not prevent the leakage of liquid, such as urine. The outer layer is typically made from waterproof materials, ensuring that water does not seep through while you are in the pool or the ocean.

What is the difference between swim diapers and swim pants?

Swim diapers are typically designed for individuals who require minimal to moderate incontinence protection. They are similar to regular diapers but are specifically made to be used in water. Swim pants, or swim briefs, offer a higher level of protection and are suitable for individuals with moderate to heavy incontinence. Swim pants often feature adjustable closures and elastic waistbands for a secure and comfortable fit.

Can you put a regular diaper under a swim diaper?

It is not recommended to put a regular diaper under a swim diaper. Regular diapers are designed to absorb liquid, and when used in water, they become bulky, heavy, and may cause discomfort. Swim diapers are specifically designed to be used in water and provide both comfort and containment without unnecessary absorption. At Duraline Medical Products, we are committed to providing high-quality incontinence solutions that allow you to enjoy swimming and water activities without worry. Browse our collection of swimwear products and find the perfect fit for your needs. Swim with confidence and embrace the joy of the water!