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Canada's Leading Supplier of Incontinence Products.

Canada's Leading Supplier of Incontinence Products.

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We offer samples of all of our products. Due to the large number of requests we receive for samples we are unable to ship samples at no charge. A small shipping and handling fee of $5.99 within Canada is required. Call us for details.

Most orders are processed between one and two business days.

If you would like to return your order for any reason, please contact us for a 'Return Authorization Number' and we will be happy to refund or exchange your order. All items returned must be in the original packaging and in resale condition. Please note, returns will not be accepted without a 'Return Authorization Number'.

We accept Visa or MasterCard. Your order is shipped upon receipt of payment.

All our products are latex free unless specified.

We can schedule an automatic shipment in whatever time frame works best for you, whether it is every two weeks or every month. There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel or delay your shipments at any time.

Absolutely! We understand how difficult it is to know which products would work best for your specific needs. We have trained staff on hand to assist you with this decision or to answer questions you may have on any of the products.

Depending on your location, delivery usually takes from one to four business days. We use the most efficient shipping companies, like Canpar, FedEx and Purolator.

All items are shipped in plain brown packages with a shipping label showing your address. There is no indication of what type of products are inside the packages.

Currently, over 25 million Americans experience it, with a higher risk for people over age 65.

Yes—80% of people with urinary incontinence can be cured or experience significant improvement. An exam will determine the cause and choose the right method for correcting or managing it.

There are changes you can make in your diet and exercise routine that will help improve or remedy your urinary health issues. Discuss specific things that could work for you with your doctor.

Experts aren’t sure exactly what causes it, as most young people who experience it are healthy. Some causes may be delayed physical development, lack of ability to recognize bladder filling when asleep, or anxiety.

The most common causes or contributing factors are:

  • Relaxation of the pelvic muscles; this is often seen in women after they have had children
  • Reduced muscle control; this is something that may accompany menopause
  • Infections or inflammation of the bladder or the urethra nervous system disorders
  • Aggravation to the bladder caused by alcohol, caffeine, or medications

You need to choose the best products for you to avoid skin breakdown due to wetness against the skin, odors, and leakage. The right fit goes a long way in controlling the problem and increasing self-confidence.

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