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Duraline Medical Products Canada is proud to carry the complete line of Gabby’s Swim Diapers, offering them in several sizes. We’re happy to provide quick, convenient and tracked shipping with every purchase.

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Gabby’s Swim Diapers are a great solution for swimmers who live with bowel incontinence. Whether in the swimming pool, hot tub, or at the beach, they can be worn either on their own or underneath a swimsuit. The outer layer consists of 100% nylon and, along with a 100% cotton flannelette inner layer, you’ll experience exceptional comfort and durability. Gabby’s Swim Diapers trap solids while allowing liquids to sieve through, all without filling with air, ballooning out, absorbing large amounts of liquid, or acting as an anchor.

Built to Perform

In short, these products hold solid waste but not urine, the latter of which can easily be taken care of by chlorine in environments such as public swimming pools. The elastic leg gathers and waist are designed for optimal performance without being too tight or uncomfortable.


Products like Gabby’s are required by facilities across the country. They meet or exceed established local health regulations for pool operators.

Suitable Uses Cases

These unisex swimming trunks are suitable for all water sports and occasions, from beach trips and swimming lessons to dips in the pool, water park visits, and summer vacations along the coast.  They allow the child to move freely in water without feeling pressure. They’re also convenient to put on and take off. 

About Gabby's

Working closely with the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Gabby’s created their first Swim Diaper in 1990, designed to allow water to sieve through while retaining solids. The company then spent ten years testing and improving their products. Ever since, they have worked closely with healthcare providers and regulators, facility operators, pool managers and instructors, and others to be able to bring you the highest-quality and most effective wearable solutions for youth incontinence on the market today.   


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