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Free Samples

Free Samples

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Free samples are individually packaged and sealed for sanitation and are the exact same product as sold in full packages.

We offer samples from the Tranquility, Essential, Molicare and Prevail line of products only.
We DO NOT have samples of Tena, Attends, Depend, Poise, Rearz, or Abena.

Once you add the item 'Samples' to your cart, please type your selections into the the box titled "Special instructions for seller." We offer up to 3 selections per order.

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Kelley Domingues

Free Samples

Dr Ian Rowe
Tranquility - best night underpants on the market

No leakage ever, unlike the performance of Tena.

Gina Simard

Excellent service!!!

Lise Dugas

Free Samples


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The Importance of Free Samples when Buying Incontinence Products

Many people feel that adult incontinence products are all the same, much like Kleenex; they just seek out what is on sale. Samples, however, help to dispel that myth, and we’re happy to provide them.

Narrowing Down Options

When incontinence solutions are first needed, it can be a daunting task to seek out a product or brand that is suitable. Standing in the aisle of an incontinence product section of any retailer, trying to determine which is the right one for you or the person you are caring for, is not easy. When looking at a package of Pull Ups, for example, there is no way to know how they fit, feel, or perform. All products differ greatly, and while you may find an extremely absorbent one, if it doesn’t fit well, it is just not going to work.

Different Solutions for Different Incontinence Needs

The average Canadian will try at least five different products before they find one that suits their unique needs. Individuals suffering from incontinence have various needs, depending on their condition. For example, they may be dealing with bowel incontinence, uncontrollable urination, or simply need something for peace of mind when travelling.

Samples Mean Smarter Shopping!

To determine whether a solution offered has the appropriate absorbency, style, and size you need, you must do more than simply buy what’s on sale. If you’re new to needing incontinence products or caregiving to someone with related issues, it is worth the effort to seek out samples right at the beginning. The best way is to contact a retailer or web-based supplier that is happy to provide them. Most samples are individually packaged and sealed for sanitation purposes. These are the exact same product that is sold in the packages. Quite a few manufacturers provide free samples from their websites including the following:

The Right Fit for a Happy Customer

The importance of having an incontinence product that not only fits well but works well for the wearer is incredibly important. There is absolutely no need to settle for something that is subpar. Finding the product that will enable someone with incontinence to get through the night without changing bedding will allow that individual to live independently longer, all while preserving their integrity. Samples will help achieve this goal.

Most at-home healthcare retailers will provide samples along with informed advice. The larger retail stores will not provide samples, however, so it’s always worth it to seek out a supplier that will. We’re an ideal source for free pull-up samples in Canada, among other solutions. We’re happy to help! If you’re in need of free incontinence pads or otherwise, browse our selection and get in touch with us today.