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Women’s Incontinence Options

Women’s Incontinence Options

After years of putting up with leaks and limiting their activities, women can find many products on the market that can help them feel more comfortable and more confident when suffering from either bladder or bowel incontinence. Incontinence pads or pants are generally the most popular choice for women. There are many types, sizes, and absorbencies on the market, and many are designed to be as discreet as possible. 

Understand your options:


Pads for Bladder Incontinence

Incontinence pads are probably the most common and well-known type of product available. They are easily accessible from any retail store and are usually the first product tried by someone who has an issue with either bladder or bowel control. There are many different styles to try depending on your preference, including long, short, thick, and thinner options.  Disposable pads are better suited for those who have light to moderate bladder leakage. They can be easily inserted in a pair of snug-fitting underwear and have an adhesive strip to ensure the pad does not slip. It’s easy and discreet to carry additional pads for a quick change, staying dry and odour free. 

Disposable Pants (Pull-Ups)

Disposable pants are convenient, easy to use, and another discreet type of incontinence product. The pants come in different absorbencies to account for light to heavy leakage. Disposable pants have improved considerably in recent years and are designed to look like normal underwear but include an absorbent pad in the crotch area.

Women’s Disposable Underwear – This product is designed to look like everyday underwear, available in various colours, sizes, and absorbencies. Ideally, these products are designed for moderate to heavy bladder leakage.

Unisex Disposable Underwear – This product is designed to contain maximum bladder leakage. They are also more suited to those who suffer from bladder and bowel incontinence. Unisex disposable underwear products usually have a more absorbent core from the front to the back. 

Disposable Briefs – These items are similar to disposable underwear and are used to contain moderate to heavy bladder and bowel leakage. Through the use of adhesive tape tabs, they are easier to put on standing up or lying down if your mobility is limited.

The information above is a guide to incontinence protection only.  For more information about bladder or bowel incontinence products, contact us. If you need clinical advice, contact your healthcare professional. 

Once you have the protection you need, you can exercise, sneeze, cough, laugh, and jump without worry!

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